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  • Benorix Hur: A Race for Freedom

    Benorix Hur: A Race for Freedom

    As I’m writing this, 70 grade 6-8 students at the Raha Arts Centre in Abu Dhabi are stepping onstage to perform Benorix Hur: A Race for Freedom. I was fortunate
  • A year in…

    A year in…

    I have just completed my first year at the University of Windsor in the School of Dramatic Art.  I’m teaching the Drama in Education and Community students. What has impressed
  • Journey of a Lifetime

    Journey of a Lifetime

    We’re nearing the end of our run of Journey of a Lifetime at Heritage Park. The show is a collaboration between Heritage Park and Quest Theatre Society. I was cast
  • New Dottore for Dustin

    New Dottore for Dustin

    It’s great when a Dell’Arte Famiglia member asks you to make them a custom mask. You know it’s going be used to create outrageous art.Here’s the new Dottore mask I


    I’ve been directing The Underneath by Kelleen Conway Blanchard for the past few week… it opens next week, as the season opening show for Theatre BSMT. Here’s a pretty sweet