Alice Nelson

Commedia Masks

“Alice’s masks are not only beautiful but functional-students can’t help but be immediately transformed by them and are instantly led to bold and exciting character choices”– Stephen Delano, Fine Arts Educator


Commedia Dell’Arte and custom mask are made out of Neoprene and are semi-flexible, allowing them to fix a range of face shapes and sizes. Neoprene masks can be sanitized between uses. Each mask is hand painted, color sealed and extremely durable.

Please allow two weeks for building your set.

Commedia Set Cost
Set of 9 Commedia masks. Done in portrait style.
Set of 9 = $900 (Schools/theatre companies/artists = $800)
Single Masks= $100 (Schools/theatre companies/artists = $90)

*Shipping fee is extra

*All prices are in Canadian currency


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NOTE: Please click on small mask pictures to get a close up of the masks.

Mask Photos by Olivier Balmokune