“Thanks so very much for inspiring our students. I admire your mixture of unconditional support with uncompromising truth.”
Jeff Page
Theatre Educator and Director

Teaching Artist
Artists are problem-solvers and life-long learners, constantly striving to improve, deepen and refine their artistic expression. They work specifically with the skills of creativity: discovery, wonder, and recombining the elements of the world into new knowledge. Teaching artists help provide a tangible link between the creative process and learning.

Professional Development for Teachers
I also offers workshops for teachers and faculty as a means of developing their community and communication with students. These workshops also evoke joy and laughter, as participants will surprise themselves and each other with their creative brilliance. A general workshop focuses on games, ensemble work, team building exercises, improvisation and tools for creating curriculum-based theatre. I also teaches intensives on topics such as Directing, Playwriting, Mask and Improvisation. These focused workshops are ideal for Junior and Senior High Drama Instructors.

Coaching and Directing
I offers expertise in areas such projects as School Plays or Concerts (Christmas Pageant). I’m able to direct students in a manner that builds their confidence and allows them to express their creativity.