Greetings and Salutations!


Welcome to my website. It is a work in progress… much like me! 

I’m an actor-creator, educator, clown, improviser, puppeteer, mask maker, director, playwright, amateur rollerskater, terrible accordionist and loyal dog caregiver. 


If you are looking for masks for your class of students, actors, traveling troupe of bohemian artists, check out my masks.

If you are looking for a script for a bunch of kids to play wizards, warthogs, or vikings, check out my kid’s shows. 

If you’re like, what the heck does this person do? Check out my creative projects and/or my posts. 

If you’re looking to order pants, bake a casserole, or start a conspiracy theory- um, I don’t know, try googling some stuff. 

OH, if you have questions like, “can she make a custom mask?” or “can she write a play for my school?” or “how do I give her a daytime kid’s TV show in the style of Pee Wee’s Playhouse mixed with Mr.Rogers- only with a woman”, contact me and change my life! 

Love ya! Mean it!