Commedia Mask Set
Construction and Painting

Commedia Dell’Arte mask are made out of Neoprene and are semi-flexible, allowing them to fix a range of face shapes and sizes. Neoprene masks can be sanitized between uses.

Each mask is hand painted in the colours of leather: red, orange or yellow. You can select a colour for each masks or have them all the same colour. Masks are colour sealed and extremely durable.

*Please allow two weeks for building your set.

Masks colours (L-R) Red, Orange, Yellow 

Commedia Set Cost
Set of 9 Commedia masks. 
Set of 9 = $900 
Single Masks= $100 

*Shipping fee is extra

*All prices are in Canadian currency

Contact me about getting your own Commedia Set!

Click on small mask pictures to get a close up of the masks.

Mask Photos by Olivier Balmokune