Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Ms.Sugarcoat is eager to mold the young minds of the future. But university textbooks didn’t prepare her for helicopter parents, entitled high-needs students, and political correctness at the cost of telling the truth. When Pat the Beaver shows up, Ms.Sugarcoat’s delicately controlled world threatens to implode.

A show for teachers, beaver lovers and you, because you are special.

“Nelson is painfully funny”– Winnipeg Free Press

Creative Team

Written and Performed by Alice Nelson
Director and Creative Consultant- Dennis Cahill
Creative Consultants- Debbie McMahon, Shannan Calcutt
Set Designer – Ian McFarlene
Sound Designer- Aidan Lytton

Ms.Sugarcoat teaches the History of Canada

Ms.Sugarcoat performed at the 2014 Ignite Festival, Calgary, Alberta

Created with the support of Alberta Foundation for the Arts

and Calgary Animated Objects Society

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