Benorix Hur: A Race for Freedom

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As I’m writing this, 70 grade 6-8 students at the Raha Arts Centre in Abu Dhabi are stepping onstage to perform Benorix Hur: A Race for Freedom. I was fortunate enough to Skype with them, and their amazing teacher/Director of Performing Arts, Mr.Stephen, this morning. It was 9:15am my time, 5:15pm their time.  Even though they were on the other side of the world- I could feel the energy buzzing from them as they geared up for the final performance.

They asked me questions about the writing process, the inspiration, the characters, etc. Lots of great questions- my two favourites being:

1. “Is it hard to write play?”- yes, yes it is. Mainly because I stare at the blank page for a looooong time, wondering how I’m going to fill it. Then I think of Steve Martin, “I think I did pretty well, considering I started out with nothing but a bunch of blank paper.”

2. “Who is your favourite character in the play”- I gave them the classic “All the characters are special”…then told the honest truth that if I could play one, it would be Sly- the bad guy. I love playing the villain.

Here’s to the kids of Benorix Hur! I hope they have a blast onstage and make ’em laugh!

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